Art Gallery, Hauser & Wirth

Art Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset

A collaboration with renowned Dutch master plantsman, Piet Oudolf on one of the most innovative art and garden projects in England. A derelict farm complex has been converted into the vibrant new gallery and cultural centre.

U&H have been the interface designers, landscape project managers and landscapers who have turned the project into a reality, culminating in a secret ‘cloister garden’ and an acre-and-a-half of the most magnificent contoured beds, packed with an intricate scheme of over 26,000 herbaceous perennials, in the classic Oudolf-style.

Using skilled local craftsmen we carefully restored the original features of the farm, from reinstating crumbling dry stonewalls and using reclaimed field stone from the farm fields for the track ways to recreating traditional Somerset style ironmongery and seeding the margins with wildflowers of local provenance. The detail and scale of the project are impressive, with the blacksmith installing over a kilometre of weathering steel edging in the meadow alone.

Concept & Interior Design by Laplace & Co.
Conservation Architecture by Benjamin + Beauchamp

Photos by Jason Ingram & Magnus Dennis