Adam is a plant-lover, landscape designer, and ecologist. His passions are walking in nature, growing vegetables, mythology and re-wilding. He has extensive experience running landscape projects in the commercial, public and private sector. He was one of the original team who founded of Trees for London (now Trees for Cities), Dorset Local Food Links and The Walled Kitchen Garden Network. Adam often uses sacred geometry as a basis to our designs in the land and gardens and as a result has designed several Islamic gardens. He is also involved with the West Country School of Myth with Dr Martin Shaw and is keen to link landscape with the stories of place that have emerged over time and form our cultural link to Nature. ‘I am interested in how we relate to the land through myth and culture, finding how to remember the age-old love affair we have always had with nature.’

Adam Hunt


A passionate re-wilder and ecological restorationist; Lulu has harnessed all the skills of landscape design, tree, soil and plant knowledge over the last 20 years and put that together to help people connect with and experience more intimately – land. Lulu had helped to create and support and take the lead from this natural world to harmonise the balance of humans and wildlife within it. She co-founded the Tree Conference (encompassing climate science and deep ecology to understand the true value of trees) and Urquhart & Hunt Landscape Design & Ecological Restoration.

Lulu Urquhart


Petra Ulrik

Associate Landscape Architect

Valerie Bond

Associate Garden Designer

Miguel Ogando

Landscape Architect

Bonita Newby

Flower Power Operations

Dide Lucas

Associate Horticulturalist

Oliver Keene

Landscape designer

Sarah Thomas

Landscape designer
“I couldn’t dream of finding a more aligned landscape design team than Adam and Lulu. As well as being two of my favourite people in the world, their connection and communication with the land goes far beyond what meets the eye, which manifests in the most stunning, world class and life enhancing designs. Enormous love and gratitude to you both and your incredible team!!!”

Seth Tabatznik, 42 Acres Retreats & Agriwilding Center