Design practice

Our true love is to bring nature into our gardens, our work continually strives to weave a tale of connection to the earth… celebrating horticulture, plants, people and ecology. We strongly believe that creating beauty through careful design is an essential part of ecological restoration that is so needed in these times.

Our style is naturalistic, romantic and free with special consideration given to plant associations and careful use of natural materials appropriate to the local vernacular and landscape culture of the area. We work using organic principles where possible and are more and more interested in how we can use native plants in our schemes to increase biodiversity and the natural health of habitat.

Our design approach is always bespoke, tailored to the client’s and the land’s requirements. We start all our projects with an in-depth study of the landscape and an essential conversation with our clients to find out what they love about the location and their vision for it. With this in mind we then aim to find the perfect balance between the built environment and nature, a space that, created beautifully, can be called a garden – gar’eden – to create “Eden” paradise on earth.

The majority of our schemes are large, rural properties and estates, as well as a number of small to medium size public projects. We do also, on request, work on town gardens. Our particular areas of interest are naturalistic planting schemes, wild flower meadows and scale appropriate re-wilding and ecological restoration.  We are currently working on a plethora of projects across the UK and Southern Ireland, as well as projects in Italy and Germany.

The Future

Looking forward we are particularly excited about a project in Italy where we are designing a 10,000m2 terraced garden in the depths of the Puglian countryside. The garden will be open to the public and the design approach is aspirational yet sensitive due to the presence of the pervasive plant disease Xylella.

We are also really enjoying designing the surrounds for a deeply inspirational retreat centre in South West England. Alongside designing the gardens close to the retreat centre we are also working with the team to support the regenerative agriculture vision they hold, with the premise of Soil-to-Gut land care philosophy as the approach for entire estate management.

Organic bulbs

A curated collection of naturalizing flower bulbs for pollinators, selected by us at U&H. We are passionate about a new global ecological footprint. Buying organics is one way to change the way we treat the soil and water, it reduces chemicals in the earth and the insect food chain and reduces immune immobilization from trace uptake. These bulbs are nurtured in organic growing to the highest standard. It often takes longer for bulbs to grow organically, so we value that extra time, knowing you can’t rush nature yet she always shows us perfection. 

Forest of Selwood

Giving wildlife its space

The Forest of Selwood is rich in nature; a landscape of flower-rich hay meadows, ancient wood pastures and parkland, woodland and hedgerow, boasting ancient and veteran trees. It is home to many rare species, such as dormice, marsh fritillary butterfly, and eleven species of bat. This richness can be enhanced.

Our vision is a wilder connected landscape of abundant habitats, with improved and expanded buffer zones. Corridors along the Forest of Selwood’s four rivers will provide natural flood management, slowing the flow of water to protect the towns downstream.

In addition to the benefits for biodiversity, this approach will provide significant carbon storage and sequestration, improved soils, and improved air and water quality throughout the catchment. A living landscape providing physical and mental wellbeing to local communities.

Tree conference

As Co-Founders of the Tree Conference we are pleased to be part of a global network that shares inspired information about trees and climate science, helping us address the vital incredible role which trees play on earth, in our minds and in our hearts. Lulu is an honoured initiate of the Eagle Condor Council, which most immediately engages us to walk in sacred reciprocity and deepen our nature connection.