Landscape Design & Ecological Restoration

We set out on a design partnership 15 years ago. Our Landscape design work is a fusion of all we are passionate about; beautiful planting schemes, ecological harmony, authentic craftsmanship & practical horticulture.  We select each of our projects carefully and see every one as a unique collaboration between our client, nature and our studio.  Our work weaves a tale of connection to the Earth and celebrates the beauty of the natural world.

“I couldn’t dream of finding a more aligned landscape design team than Adam and Lulu. As well as being two of my favourite people in the world, their connection and communication with the land goes far beyond what meets the eye, which manifests in the most stunning, world class and life enhancing designs. Enormous love and gratitude to you both and your incredible team!!!”

Seth Tabatznik, 42 Acres Retreats & Agriwilding Center